How to Order

To order a single panel, simply give us the panel dimensions for width and height using our online order form. Enter the dimensions in the Panel A fields only. Please also specify if you’d like the hanging floating frame system.

To order multiple panels, measure each allocated panel placement and send us the information through the online form. For example: image XH16942 [Panel A] 100cm width x 200cm height. For the second panel enter the dimensions in the fields for Panel B, etc. Panels should be labelled A, B, C etc from left to right.

They can be ordered in either horizontal or vertical placement. The image can also be reversed. Panels for shower cubicles for example are best placed vertically, while a kitchen splash back is best placed horizontally. Below is an example to aid you in the order process:

How to order gigapixart

Send us your information to request a quote

Once you’ve chosen your artwork and taken your panel placement measurements, enter that information in our order form, together with your address – so that we can also quote for delivery. We’ll be in contact with you as soon as possible after receiving your request.