Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What sizes do GigaPixArt panels come in?

Our panels come in customised sizes that range from as small as 20cm x 20cm to a maximum size of 121cm x 242cm [48″ x 96″]. The Chromaluxe material is a mere 1.14mm thick.

Where is GigaPixArt located?

We create and print GigaPixArt images in Israel, where our holding company is based. GigaPixArt is a subsidiary of Barcelona Photography Tours. For customers based in North America, we print and ship locally.

How can I order GigaPixArt panels?

You can order the artworks through the instructions stated on our “How to Order” page. We will then assess your request, and send you a notification confirming the requested artwork, sizes ordered, price and estimated delivery time. For delivery within Israel, shipping is free of charge. Please contact us for quotations on international shipping.

Can GigaPixArt panels be fitted directly over existing wall coverings?

Yes! As long as the surface is smooth and flat, you can take advantage of placing the panels directly on top of existing tiles, marble, cladding etc. This is one of the benefits of using the extremely thin Chromaluxe material as a print medium. This ADHESIVE AND SEALANT guide should be used for attaching GigaPixArt panels to walls.

How do I determine sizes of multiple panels?

Read the instructions on our How to Order page for ordering both single panels and multiple panels. The image will be printed into sections according to your requirements. You will need to select an artwork, and give us the width x height measurements for each panel. Ensure that you have taken accurate measurements of the allocated space, and deducted 3mm for expansion around the panels as shown here: ILLUSTRATION OF MULTI-PANEL INSTALLATION.

Can the panels be used behind gas cooking hobs?

Due to the heat resistance of the substrate and Chromaluxe sublimative coating, the panels can be used behind gas hobs, however we recommend a minimum distance of 10 cm clearance to minimise thermal expansion. Panels can be located closer to electric and induction cooking hobs. We recommend a minimum clearance of 5 cm.

Can I cut or drill into the panels for electrical sockets or water pipes?

The panels can have cutouts for electrical sockets and water connections, however this should only be attempted by an experienced professional, using quality tools. Ensure that cutouts are located no less than 15 cm from the panel edge. You can use this CUTOUT GUIDE for further information.

How is payment made?

Payments can be made by PayPal or bank transfer. We will send you a link to your email to simplify the payment process.

How long before I receive delivery?

Delivery from date of order will normally arrive within 14 working days for Israel and North America. Delivery times for other countries will vary depending on the country. In the unlikely event of material shortages, delivery strikes or any factors outside of our control, you will be notified of the estimated delivery time before placing your order.

How can I clean GigaPixArt panels?

Any household cleaner can be used to clean the panels. Simply apply the product and wipe off to achieve a professional looking finish. Likewise, you can use window squeegee blades to quickly wipe down wet shower walls. GigaPixArt panels are very durable. Artworks will not fade and the surface will not scratch.

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