About GigaPixArt

What are Gigapixel images?

A Gigapixel image is a digital image bitmap composed of billions of pixels. For example, a one billion pixel image would replicate 31,623 pixel height x 31,623 pixel width. To put this into context, a professional grade Canon EOS 5D Mark IV camera would only create 6720 × 4480 pixels – not even close to the resolution of a Gigapixel image. Using a combination of professional camera equipment and specialised hardware and software, we have created Gigapixel images through a complicated mosaic process resulting in images of exceptional resolution that can be printed into very large sizes. In fact, a single image can cover an entire wall without any loss in image quality.

The scale of the images will also give freedom to crop a specific part of an image – ideal for selecting areas of an image to print – chosen by the user. The combination of the technology used to create large format images of exceptional quality together with the photographer’s artistic vision are what makes GigaPixArt images so compelling.

About Chromaluxe

Chromaluxe are sublimatable aluminium (aluminum) panels with a high-definition finish due to the unique printing process and special coating used. Unlike traditional UV direct printing methods, Chromaluxe uses a process of infusing dyes directly into a special coating. By printing the image onto a transfer paper which is then placed onto a specially coated aluminium sheet, the material is then transferred into a heat press. Heat and pressure causes the image to become infused directly into the aluminium. When viewers gaze at images printed onto Chromaluxe, the typical response is “how on earth does it look so good?”. Due to the thickness of the sublimation coating and the light rays hitting the back of the substrate, the result is an almost 3D look to the image. Chromaluxe is museum grade quality and printed images will last a lifetime without fading. As well as being moisure, scratch and abrasive resistant, it is also chemical resistant, therefore it can be cleaned with ammonia, bleach, acetone or any all-purpose cleaner. For this reason it’s our print media of choice. Chromaluxe is made with recycled material and is also recyclable.

Laurie photographer

About the photographer

Laurie Cohen, M.D of GigaPixArt is a professional working photographer with over 30 years experience in the photographic industry. He also runs photographic tours through his 2 sister companies – Barcelona Photography Tours & Israel Photography Tour, as well as leading workshops around the world for Photo Workshop Adventures. Laurie is as passionate about his own photography as he is in teaching this art form to his students. His composite images have his own photographic style, where abstracts and minimalism found in nature are implemented into modern living spaces, resulting in the pinnacle of form and function. Laurie considers himself a purist, and excels in experimenting with modern digital cameras together with rare vintage optics, resulting in images of stunning character and beauty.