Printed gigapixel wall panels and splashbacks

Welcome to GigaPixArt – where the concept of combining art and function becomes reality.

Kitchen Splashback – Mountain Tops
Large format gigapixel images infused into aluminium Chromaluxe panels resulting in luxurious wall coverings for residential and commercial interiors.

By utilising the latest technology in imaging and sublimated print materials, beautiful photographs of exceptional resolution are infused directly into aluminium (aluminum) panels. GigaPixArt transforms walls into art.

Printed Gigapixel Wall Panels

Exceptional print quality

The primary function of the materials used are to transform walls into a protective, high performance, low maintenance and beautifully sleek finish. The designs will introduce a stylish, modern and smart alternative into your living space. Our composite artworks are created from specialist photographic equipment, resulting in a digital image bitmap composed of billions of pixels, known as Gigapixels. The level of image resolution combined with an exceptional print medium results in flexibility for a variety of projects with unparalleled detail, colour depth and definition.

Printed Gigapixel Wall Panels

Durability & optical clarity

Due to it’s premium durability and superior archival qualities, our print media of choice is ChromaLuxe. It will retain excellent optical clarity, even after years of exposure to UV light. When used as a protective wall covering, it is extremely hardwearing and easy to maintain. This print media is simply world-class. Gone are the days where ceramic tiling was the only option available for use in moist and humid environments. Constant cleaning and replacing grouting between tiling joins are now a thing of the past. For this reason, it is an excellent substitute for dated ceramic tiles or marble in a variety of applications.

heat, scratch and moisture proof panels

Waterproof, scratch resistant and chemical resistant

Kitchens, bathrooms, spas, restaurants, bars, hotels and hospitals to name but a few, will all appreciate the benefits of using ChromaLuxe as a protective wall covering and print media. As well as being waterproof and scratch resistant, it is also chemical resistant. Therefore it can be cleaned with ammonia, bleach, acetone or any all-purpose cleaner. Our recommendation is to use a standard window cleaning spray and wipe down with a microfibre cloth. GigaPixArt panels have a highly reflective coating, resulting in a luxurious and premium finish


Kitchen Splashbacks

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Bath Panels

Wet Room Panels

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